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Two feeders this weekend for Santa Anita Preakness event

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Friday is a special day on DRF Tournaments, with a live broadcast accompanying the final two feeders for the World Horseplayers’ Tour/Santa Anita Preakness event.

The first game is the return of Outplay JK. The game starts at 3:41 p.m. Eastern and will consist of seven races:
BEL 5: 3:41
SA 2: 4:00
BEL 6: 4:14
SA 3: 4:30
BEL 7: 4:46
SA 4: 5:00
BEL 8: 5:18

The first feeder will cost $27, and one in 20 players will win their $458 entries in Saturday’s last-chance Preakness qualifier. This will be a rare chance for lower-bankroll players to compete in the live format, where picks can be changed throughout the contest.

The game, which will be broadcast live via and recorded for an episode of the DRF Players’ Podcast, will have a special wrinkle. Podcast co-host Jonathon Kinchen will be playing, and any player who finishes ahead of him will receive his entry fee back.

The broadcast will follow along live with the contest and look back at the stakes from the Kentucky Oaks and Derby cards. Questions from the audience about tournaments, handicapping, betting, and the Derby also will be featured.

The World Horseplayers’ Tour/Santa Anita Preakness contest is a live-bankroll event May 19-20 at the Great Race Place. It’s using a new made-for-TV format and will be filmed for a television pilot. Best of all, all the prize money is added, making it a fantastic deal for players. The buy-in is $5,000, with no additional entry fee. Many players have been looking to win their way in through feeders and qualifiers available exclusively at DRF Tournaments.

The second game, also using the live format, will be the only feeder into Sunday’s big-money last-chance game. This one costs $120 to play, and one in five entries will with their $1,090 buy-ins for the last-chance contest, where one in five will advance to the World Horseplayers’ Tour/Santa Anita event.

There will also be a regular Friday lineup starting at 4:14. That will feature a free way for players to start their journeys to the $1 million, no-takeout World Championship of Handicapping as well as feeders for events at Belmont, Monmouth, Del Mar, and Saratoga.

Go to for a list of upcoming games.

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