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Takeout rises at Los Alamitos September meet

Friday, September 8th, 2017

CYPRESS, Calif. - Because it is considered a fair meeting, Los Alamitos will have higher takeout rates at its September meet, which begins Thursday, than at its other Thoroughbred meetings this year.

The Los Angeles County Fair meeting at Los Alamitos runs for 12 days, through Sept. 24.

The rates for win, place and show bets have risen from 15.43 percent to 16.77 percent; exacta bets from 22.68 percent to 24.02 percent; and most bets involving three or more horses - such as trifectas, pick threes, pick fours and pick sixes, from 23.68 percent to 25.02 percent.

Takout on the pick five is 14 percent, and on rolling daily doubles it's 20 percent.

Takeout rates during the Los Angeles County Fair meet are higher than that at Del Mar’s recently concluded summer meeting, but similar to what was in place at other fairs in the state, according to Jack Liebau, vice president of Los Alamitos.

“This was statutory,” Liebau said on Thursday morning. “There was no leeway. If you’re a fair, you’re a fair.”

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