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Sunday, October 31st, 2021

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            JUAN HERNANDEZ, SUBCONSCIOUS, WINNER: “Mr. Mandella told me if they went too crazy in front, just to sit behind them because he’s getting to relax and he runs better like that. I just let the speed go and he relaxed pretty well for me today, so I think that was the key, just to stay behind the speed.

“I thought for a moment (Rock Your World) was never going to stop. That’s why I put a little pressure (on him) around the half mile to ask him to move, but my horse helped me a lot, he responded really well. When we kicked for home he just exploded and we just passed the horse in front of him and did not let him pass. He wouldn’t get beat by the other horses.

“He’s improving a lot. Every race he’s getting better and better. Even the guys from Mandella’s barn they told me this horse was doing really good and it looks like he just wants to keep running more every race, hopefully he keeps it like that.”




                GARY MANDELLA, ASSISTANT TRAINER, SUBCONSCIOUS, WINNER: “He’s a colt that was always really athletic to look at.  The first time we ever saw him, we had really high hopes for him.  He had a little trouble with a knee, had a surgery, and we turned him out.  But even if that hadn’t of happened, mentally, he just wasn’t there.  Now he is and he’s got it all figured out and you can see what he’s turned into with these three (wins) in a row.”


WAS GELDING HIM IN JUNE A BIG FACTOR IN HIS DEVELOPMENT?  “Yes, it’s nice to see him live up to his potential now with that part of it straightened out.  He’s a serious horse now.”


NOTES: The winning owners are LNJ Foxwoods.

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